Talks with Amanda Knox in prison – Ebook


Amanda Knox’s prison stay in Italy was made bearable by the visits of one man who took it upon himself to ease her life behind bars, and to eventually leave the country . At the time, Rocco Girlanda, president of the Italian/USA foundation, was the only person, outside of her family, Amanda chose to see during her time in prison. This book tells the story of the profound friendship born between them and provides an intriguing and intimate portrait of the real Amanda. «I don’t read the paper or watch TV. I have my world. I know I am not alone, even when I am alone».

Autore: Rocco Girlanda
Titolo: Talks with Amanda Knox in prison. Take me with you
Luogo e data di pubblicazione: Milano, maggio 2013
ISBN e-book: 9788898475094
Prezzo e-book: 5,99 €


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