Barefoot in the kibbutz – Ebook


The dramatic memoir of Masal, a young Jewish girl violently uprooted from her native Syria at the age of five, who grew up in a kibbutz in Israel during the war of Independence. After Palestine became the State of Israel, Masal served her military service, and followed her husband to Italy, where she became a renowned child psychologist. This moving autobiography of a young girl thrust into extraordinary circumstances and forced, as a woman, to not only overcome her traumatic childhood, but to thrive because of it, is profoundly inspiring.

Autore: Masal Pas Bagdadi
Titolo: Barefoot in the kibbutz
Collana: VandA.Original
Luogo e data di pubblicazione: Milano, novembre 2013
ISBN e-book: 9788868995704
Prezzo e-book: 5,99 €


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