The Turtle Tamer of Istanbul

A graphic novel that recounts the life of the extraordinary intellectual Osman Hamdi Bey, painter, politician, archeologist and founder of the most important cultural institutions of 20th century Turkey. In this story, Hamdi meets the Palestinian born, Colombia University professor Edward Said (1935-2003), founding figure of Post-colonialism who is best known for his analysis of the cultural representations that are the bases of Orientalism, a term he redefined to mean the framework of how the West perceives and represents the East.

Their imaginary dialogue is both exhilarating and enlightening, shedding light on an East-West conflict in these times of much debated cultural and political identity.

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stamboulis elettraElettra Stamboulis (Bologna, 1969) lives and works in Ravenna, Italy. A founding member of Mirada, an association involved in the planning and curating of cultural events, including exhibitions by artists like Marjane Satrapi , Joe Sacco, Danijel Zezelj , and other major international graphic artists from Italy and abroad. She is also one of the organizers of “Komikazen” a yearly International Comic Festival held in Ravenna . She has also written the text of graphic novels, including: The slaughterhouse Workshop (Venice, 2009), Dinner with Gramsci (Padua, 2012). Her  articles have appeared in numerous magazines and catalogs, and she is the author of two collections of poems in a limited edition.
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costantini_gianlucaGianluca Costantini is an illustrator who defines himself as a “graphic activist”. His political comics are much appreciated in Italy and have gained him respect in cultural circles. His latest graphic novels include:  Dinner with Gramsci, Julian Assange Wikileaks hacker ethics. Founder of the magazine inguineMAH!Gazine and artistic director of JUDAS Editions, he also works on the organizational committee of Komikazen Italy’s Comic Festival. Costantini contributes to International laLettura, World War 3 Illustrated, and Le Monde Diplomatique, and has exhibited in galleries and public spaces abroad including Lazarides Gallery in London and the Salon du Dessin Contemporain at the Louvre.
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